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New Progress Report released

IFBA Reports on the Positive Actions it is Taking to Improve Global Health

The latest Progress Report of the International Food & Beverage Alliance highlights the significant progress its members have made in support of its commitment ten years ago to take action in four areas – on product formulation and innovation, access to nutrition information, responsible marketing to children and the promotion of healthy lifestyles - to help improve global health.

Read the report here

Who We Are

IFBA member companies represent the global leaders of the food and non-alcoholic beverage industry. We employ more than 3 million people worldwide and had combined annual revenues in 2016 of over USD 410 billion.

What We Do

Our work is based on a set of actions designed to help improve global health. We have committed to innovate and create products that help people eat a healthy, balanced diet, to provide nutrition information to help consumers make informed choices, to market responsibly, and to promote healthy lifestyles. We report publicly on our progress.

Our commitments

Product formulation and innovation

We are improving the formulation of our products, reducing nutrients of concern and adding beneficial ingredients

Our commitments

Nutrition information

We provide clear, transparent and fact-based nutrition information to help consumers make informed choices

Our commitments

Responsible marketing to children

We market responsibly, including no advertising to children under 12 anywhere in the world

Our commitments

Healthy lifestyles

We support programmes in our workplaces and in communities around the world to promote healthy lifestyles

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